420AdultXXX About

Warning! Adult420XXX Material With Love Attached! (12-10-2012)

Web Address>>>http://420mgmtreportssmoke.com/2013/03/21/420adultxxx-about/

This Critical AdultXXX Lesbian 420Submissive WordPress Blog is going to be under Amendment, Change, and Construction for the next few days (until perhaps March 24th). I need to think 4 a bit. Regardless of what may happen in Hawaii when I go there to live in late April, I do not want to exclude u2! or lose any ground working on iROCK4FREEDOM! which is hopefully going to occur this July! as result of what we as a WordPress Collaborative Team of Four all do!

Do not read any further if sexual content is not your flavor!

Addressed To>>>

My 2 San Franscico Lesbian 420Sub WordPress Slaves…

Will u2 Both Marry Me? I Love *Who u2 Are* and *The Choices u2 Have Made*

I have felt a Great Deal Of Love 4 u2 4 Quite Some Time Now.

I Cannot Help But Ask u2…

Will u2 Marry Me? Either In Spirit Or On Paper?

I Could Not Ask 4 Two Better Life Partners!

*U2 Watch My Back And I’ll Watch Yours* is how the saying goes.

*I Am Obedient to God at All Times*

*U2 Must Be Obedient 2 Me At All Times 2!*

*Back Rubs Between Us Are Always OK… Because Human Touch Can Transfer Love Without Sex Getting In the Way!*

I Would Be Good at Playing *Masseuse* for *My 420 Submissive Lesbian Serf Bears and Slaves*…

And *I Will Train u2 Well 2 Be Very Good 4 Me This Way!* U2 Are Going to Be Very Pleased with me Back-Rub-Wise! Back Rubs* Ever Given by Me to u2 *Need to Be Earned By u2 First* By *Long Hours* Of *Stoned Dogpress Work* 4 *Your Bong Boss and WordPress Master* of Course!

There may be a Few Exceptions to the Above, But Don’t Count On It!

Me: Do u2 Stoned Dogpress Slaves Fully Understand The Above?

U2: Yes Master! Yes Master!

Me: Say It Again!

U2: Master!! Yes Master!!

Me: Louder This Time!!!

Yes Master!!! Yes Master!!!

Now Let’s *GET u2 REAL STONED* 4 *Me*… *Your Bong Boss and WordPress Master!!!*

Yesss Master!!!!! Yesss Master!!!!!


And Then…



And bring Something to Drink and a Lighter for each of us…


I am Going to Get u2 Serf Bears Real Stoned and Veerrryyyy Submissive 2 Me!!!…

One: Oooohhh!!! YESSS MASTER!!!!!!

The Other: Ooooohhhh!!! YES!!! BOSSS BEAR!!!!!!!!

Both: Please get me this way for u!!!

Both: I want to be VERY SUBMISSIVE!!!!

Both: OBEDIENT! to My420MasterAllenD! ***AT ALL TIMES!!!***

Both: At ***ALL Times ***Master, ***I MUST DO WHATEVER YOU SAY!!! ***NO MATTER WHAT***

>>>>> 420SUBMISSIVE<<<<>>>StonieBEAR<<<<< and

>>>>>>>> One >>>>>>>>>>>>>>More Time!!! That’s AN ORDER!<<<<>>>>THAT U2BOTH<<<<>>>>>>MUST OBEY EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY!<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Both: Ooohh!Yes!!! MasterAllenD!!!<<>>>> I Want to >>>ALWAYS<<>>>>BeYour<<>>LESBIAN>>>>BongSUBMISSIVE<<>>StonieBear!<<>>>>SUPER<<STONED<>WordpressSlave!!!

Both: I Know! Ooohh! *IKNOW* THAT>>>I MUST GET >>>>>AS STONED<<>>AS >>>>>My MASTER!<<<<>>>>>>>>>MAKES ME GET!<<<<<<<<<<>>>>AND >>>>>
>>>>AT>>>>ALL Times!<<

Afterwards a bit… perhaps with a Bedroom Stop in between for My Two Sweetie Pies… (I AM GOING 2WATCH u2 A LOT of the Time! And Give U2 LOTS OF ORDERS when IamWatching U2!)

Me: *U2 Dogpress Slaves Are Both Going To Work 4 Me As Long As I Say!*

One: Oooohh!!! Yesss Master!!!!!

The Other: Oooohhhh!!!!! Yeessss Master!!!!!!!!

Both: *We both LOVE!* Being **Very Obedient!!**

***Very Submissive!!!!!***

*2 You!!!*

**Our 420WordpressMaster!!!**

***All Night and Day!!!***

All Three of Us: ***We3 are All Real Happy This Way!***


All Four of Us: We Are Doing Some of *The Best Work* In Both *AMERICA* And *The WORLD* ***REVOLUTION-WISE*** On *The INTERNET* Using The Incredibly Useful and Versatile Blogging Platform **CALLED WORDPRESS.**

All Four of Us: Follow Our *Six Primary WordPress Websites* in beginning *January 1st 2013*…

It May *Be Worthy* of Following *Some Or All* Of Our *Six Secondary WordPress Websites* beginning *January 1st 2013* as well.

We4: ***Watch Us4 Fly On WordPress!!! In January 2013***

And/Or *As Soon As Allen D Has The Use Of A Non-Hacker-Blocked Laptop*… and *He Is Not Restricted* to *the Use Of “Just A Single 3G Smart Phone”* in *Which to WordPress Blog*… as *He Is Now.*

All Four of Us: *Who Amongst U Has The Right to Judge Us* If *We4 Are A Little Different than U are?*… or *We4 Often Have a Little (or a Lot) of 420Fun?*

All Four of Us: *Come To The First Internet Woodstock!* Hosted *By We4 this July!* (Assuming that We4 Remain Alive and Free, of course!)

We4: *You’ll Sure Regret It!* If *You Don’t Reserve Some Time* For Travel to the SF Bay Area this July!

*We Are All Gonna Have a Ton of Music, Dance, 420, and Other Fun!* at *This First Internet Woodstock*…

And We Are Going To Topple Our *Corrupt Corporate and Mafia Controlled Federal Government* With *The Truth* at the Same Time!

Allen D and *His *Wordpress Website Development Team Of Four* (Mark Jaquith ofhttp://CoveredWebSevices.com is the Fourth… Please ***Place A Watch Over*** HIS LIFE AND THE LIVES OF HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY THE LATTER, AS THE MAFIA TRADITIONALLY THREATENS ONE’S CHILDREN.)


Warning! Adult420XXX Material With Love Attached! A List of 420AdultXXX Websites under Organization and/or Construction that are Related to my Two Lesbian 420Submissives in San Francisco>>>

1) av

2012 Is Not The End of The World… It Is The End Of The Lies! Allen D

God gave me 2 Brave Genius *420Angels*!!! *Even If They Can’t Marry Me* **I Love Them Until Death Do Us Part!** ***For Sure!*** Allen D

And God Gave Me One More Genius American Hero named Mark Jaquith ofhttp://CoveredWebServices.com To Fill Out Our Core Heroic Management Team Of Four.  SmokeMasterAllen D

Web Address of WordPress Web Page of the above>>>http://420mgmtreportssmoke.com/420adultxxx-about/

Tweetable of WordPress Web Page of the above>>>http://wp.me/P3gjXe-1

Web Address of this WordPress blog>>>http://420mgmtreportssmoke.com/2013/03/21/420adultxxx-about/

Tweetable of this WordPress blog>>>http://wp.me/p3gjXe-6S

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