Sometimes Men Need To Stand Up Against The Bad Guys With Guns

Sometimes Men Need To Stand Up Against The Bad Guys With Guns In Their Hands It Seems!


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The Magnificent Seven went up against 200 men with guns. My heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team is Taking on Our Federal Government with the Truth over the Internet. It’s four people using words against thousands with the Might of the U.S. MILITARY behind them!

My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team sometimes wonders… Who is gonna win?

Sometimes men need to stand up against the bad guys with guns in their hands it seems!


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2) WE NEED A HOUSE!!! Full Of WordPress Activists For The Truth! (3-16-2013)

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WE NEED A HOUSE!!! full of WordPress Activists for the Truth!!!!!  

A house, or a sizable boat on which a half dozen or so people can live and be internet connected, is Sorely Needed In Order To

>>>Avoid the **Inevitable Murder Attempts** that Come From “Speaking Important Truths” via the Use of the Internet<<<.

3) About Allen Dee and his Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (3-18-2013)

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420Preface 4 those that do!

For All My 420Friends… (females preferred…lol)
Puff Puff Pass! Have a hit with me over the net in video!… it’s Fun! lol


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