A Business Proposition 4 Some Brave Persons In The SF Area


this WordPress blog is under construction…

My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team is getting a lot of Anonymous Internet Help from both Google and WordPress in a big way, and very probably getting some solid help from both Facebook and Twitter too. Google, Facebook and Twitter all leave me in https mode when I use them. Is this the same with you? https instead of the less secure http? Google has been helping me enormously Google Search-wise since December. Larry Page of Google, other persons in Upper Management of Google, Mark Zuckerman of Facebook, and Matt Mullenwig of WordPress are almost certainly fully aware of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (I have never talked to or emailed any of these people, but they have to be!). A growing portion of the upper echelon of the computer industry (Microsoft, Apple, Intel, etc.) is Almost Certainly Aware of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team as well.

We are trying to start the first Internet Woodstock call iROCK4FREEDOM! hosted in San Francisco this July (or perhaps August). This Internet Woodstock is AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME… for sure.

I, Allen Darman, am looking for a Supportive Housing Situation in the San Francisco Bay Area in which to try to start the 1st Internet Woodstock hosted in San Francisco this July! or this August, depending!

Such a Historic Event will SPREAD the Truth, which is a much wiser strategy than simply bunking heads with the Feds Revolution-wise, or so I sure think.

Whoever is brave enough to house me, give me the Freedom and Liberty to Work and Come and Go as I Wish, “Be My Legs” for groceries and Odds and Ends, and Get 420 High and Silly with me and Laugh and Chat Sometimes! deserves a Full Partnership! Do ya wanna be partners with me in an Internet Woodstock Venture? You would get 50/50 of whatever I get out of this, and your job is real easy and a whole lot of fun! If I make one dollar you get the same! Any fiscal rewards here have to be shared with others of course, especially my Team, as “we get four equal shares of whatever comes out of this”.

However, one eight of a big piece of pie may still be a big piece of pie! I am sure that…

I am gonna be very happy with my eighth of a slice! if things happen the way that they should!

I can’t imagine the total pie not being in the millions with an “s”…

Assuming we find the Needed Corporate and/or Philanthropic Backing in a timely fashion in which to do this!
I should perhaps mention that I have an Entrepreneurial Business Background and I am pretty good at this! (raising money for a good business cause).


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This blog is under construction… It is one of my creative writing projects 4 this week! I am gonna get stoned to write it, of course! as I would never do as good a job on this WordPress blog without being high! But give me some time for edits! I like 2 write stoned! but I like 2 edit straight! AllenD


Web Address>>>http://420mgmtreportssmoke.com/2013/03/25/a-business-proposition-4-some-brave-persons-in-the-sf-area/

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