My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Wishes To Honor Some Internet Heroes (6-25-2013)
The insightful Cover Article in Time Magazine dated June 24, 2013 titled “The Informers; Why a New Generation of Hactivists Is Driven To Spill The Government’s Secrets” (also titled “The Geeks Who Leak”) by Michael Scherer mentions some other Internet Heroes besides all of those on my WordPress Collaborative Team.

My WordPress Collaborative Team and I wish to recognize these Internet Heroes (and all others as well).

Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Aaron Shwartz, Julian Assange, and the hackivist group Anonymous are all heroes for either doing what they are doing or having done what they did on the Internet.

Both America and the World cry out for Openness and Truth, but those who speak the Truth or Allow the Truth to Be Seen on the Internet are often persecuted.

Despite knowing what they may face (imprisonment or death), some persons step up to the plate regardless and “do the morally right thing”. Their actions are heroic. No other word does justice here.

My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and I also wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all those persons and Corporations (Thank you Google, WordPress (Automattic), Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Instagram, etc.) that believe in an Open and Free Internet, and are doing their best to insure it remain such.

Lastly, Thank You Micheal Scherer for the article in Time Magazine that you recently wrote. (And Thanks to Time Magazine for publishing it.)

Allen Darman (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)

Warrior Words of Wisdom Spoken From the Heart

Warrior Words of Wisdom Spoken From the Heart (12-20-2011)


Some are still in denial about the true meaning of the NWO or OWO, but it is still the same agenda…

I suggest that you spend your energy planning your defensive tactics…

I too will be on the FEMA CAMP bus…see you there.

I choose to believe that I am going to live forever…somewhere.

They can have this body but I will fight to save my soul.

We have little time left to decide which way to go.

Our Government Will Soon Enslave Us, Religion Will Always Betray Us, Only Unity Can Save Us Now.

Stand With Me.

Written by: Anonymous

Dated December 20, 2011


In July Allen Darman Will Have A Smart Phone In Which To Blog With (6-4-2013)


According to Allen…

“This month blogging will be a slow affair due to the fact that I have only limited library access to the Internet.  July will be different.  I am committed to buying a Smart Phone in early July such that I can get back to work blogging-wise.  I am really looking forward to WordPress blogging in volume again as I have quite a bit to say.” 

“I can only hope that hackers won’t hack my new device after I get it in July such that I cannot blog freely.  Every Smart Phone I have used yet has been hacked and disrupted… some more than others.  The prior statement applies to about a dozen different Smart Phones that I have used  since May 2010.”

“I budget monthly.  A Smart Phone and Unlimited Use of It are in my July budget.”