Why Making A Deal With The Mafia To Topple The United States Federal Government Makes Sense


It is clear to all smart Americans that have been following the alternative news on the Internet for quite some time that the Federal Government in the United States has already taken away much of our freedom, and that they fully intend to take away a lot more (as soon as they are able to do so).

It is also clear to many of us that We The People are in Big Trouble, and that many of us dissidents may end up in FEMA camps or lose our very lives to Federal tyranny or some sort of New World Order Agenda in the foreseeable future.

In addition to the above, it is clear to many Americans that the FBI, NSA, CIA, and/or Department of Homeland Security are monitoring every single American citizen’s phone,  Internet and banking activity… if not also monitoring us in even other ways.

It is clear to many Americans that our tax dollars and much Federal borrowing are being used so that the Federal Government can arm itself to the teeth against its own citizens.

It is also clear to many Americans that the last bastion of Free Speech… the Internet… is under dire threat of being Federally Censored such that Freedom of Speech no longer exists, and may never exist again (due to Federal tyranny being imposed on us).

Although the bullets and bombs have not started flying yet, it is clear that our own Federal Government is at war with We The People, and that they are inevitably going to spring a diabolical Martial Law Agenda on us.

If someone looks at the true reality of what we face, and what our real odds are at escaping what the Federal Government has in store for us, he or she should realize that “we are in huge trouble unless we get some timely and powerful help”.

I propose that this timely and powerful help should come from a respectful and mutual collaboration between the Computer, Computer Software, and Internet industries… and the American Mafia.

What follows is why I feel this way, as well as a number of thoughts in regard to why such a deal as the above should be made.

To be continued…         

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