Allen D Is Going Camping With Some Soulful Coos Bay Friends

According to Allen…

Things are really coming together for me here in Coos Bay.

I will drive somewhere on Sunday in order to use my iMac and get online for a while.

Tonight I may be “out of cell phone range”.

My 541-324-2198 Smart Phone Is Back On

According to Allen D…

I got my September SSD check.  My smart phone is back on… and I am finally able to make some choices due to the availabilty of adequate funds.

Within a matter of a few more days I will be able to be online quite a bit more than I have been.

I am really looking forward to being back to work full time again.

Due to the awareness of some Silicon Valley Management Persons, my fear has lessened immensely.

However, I am still at great risk.

If the Powers that Be take me out this fall, I did my very best… and I know deep in my heart my Internet Martyrdom will be quite meaningful.

Regardless of what happens to me, those WordPress heroes that supported me since April 2012 ought to be both protected and recognized for what they did for me.

One never knows, the Power of the Internet may serve to protect me.

Thank God for Google, Facebook WordPress and a Free and Open Internet too.

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team… whom I dearly love… every single one of you!)

Google And Facebook Corporations Should Individually And Collectively Develop An Emergency Plan…

This Key Internet Management Blog has only just begun. It is in its beginning stages while I think about things for a bit.  I hope that I am not being too presumptuous in writing this blog.  It is certainly possible, if not likely, that these two corporations have already done so… both individually and in collaboration with each other. Allen D

Google And Facebook Corporations Should Individually And Collectively Develop An Emergency Plan… in the event of economic collapse, and the likelihood of martial law being declared soon after.

If Freedom of Speech on the Internet is lost due to the declaration of Martial Law in the United States… all Americans are in deep trouble, wherever they may be.

A plan needs to be developed.

Much more coming within the next week.


Notable Quotes

I am a drinker with writing problems.Brendan Behan

I am a writer that likes to smoke a little weed, especially when faced with a tough problem or a creative thinking task, such as this Management Blog Title poses on both fronts. I have been 100% straight for over two weeks now as a result of strict Coos Bay Gospel Mission rules. I can’t finish this material until I leave the mission and buy both a new pipe and some pot as I threw what I had out on day one. I am lucky I did, as my minivan got searched about ten days ago.Allen D


Google Search Results For WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team On 8-29-2013


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Google Search Results For Suppression Of Truth On 8-28-2013


Google Search Results For Federal Government Suppression Of The Truth And Federal Government Suppression On 8-28-2013


My WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team Shows Up 3rd Out Of 26 Million+ Results In A Google Search For Patriot Movement

My WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team and I cannot Thank Google enough for the very high Google Search Ranking that they gave to a recent WordPress Patriot Blog of ours titled “The Patriot Movement, The American Taxpayer And Silicon Valley Ought To Offer The American Mafia 100 Billion Dollars Annually…“. This particular WordPress blog contains critical information in regard to getting the Mafia in America to “Switch Sides”, and in regard to starting and winning a Justifiable Revolution in America. I intend to upgrade this Key WordPress Blog soon. Allen D

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