An August 3rd Update From Allen D

According to Allen…

My friends and I spent a nice afternoon and evening in San Francisco today. We went to the Golden Gate Park and hung out. We walked around Chinatown and ate there. And we went to Pier 39 in the wharf area.

Camping out down here is not wise so we are checked into a Rodeway Inn in Martinez CA for $82.50 a night for the four of us.

I have been to Martinez at least three or four times in my life. It is a nice little town that is reasonably close to San Francisco.

I felt obligated to come to San Francisco and try to contact those that have been helping me. I would like to know if I can help them in any way… or “if we can collaborate more closely somewhere and somehow”.

I look forward to walking in at Hawthorne Street on Monday at 11 am or so.

I am very curious if the WordPress folks there know of me, and know of the plight of my San Francisco WordPress Team members in regard to what they have gone through with poison gas since December 2012.

I am at peace with whatever happens or does not happen on Monday.

I greatly look forward to Thanking Automattic regardless for their great blogging platform called WordPress. WordPress has made a huge positive difference in my life. I cannot imagine where I would be without it.

Allen D (with help from some San Francisco WordPress heroes that I hope to shake hands with soon)


Notable Quotes

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart. Phyllis Theroux

To write a WordPress Blog is a GREAT WAY! to Move The Hearts of People All Over The World! while using a Keyboard And Video Camera anywhere! that There is a Connection! to the Incredible Technological Advance! called a Free and Open Internet! Allen D

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman

Tonight I will dream about my heroic WordPress Friends, and what the possibilities are if Automattic, Google, and Facebook are all willing to support the Idea of a multiple location Internet Woodstock! that mixes Freedom Music with Speakers of Suppressed Truths. Allen D

It is an Absolute Miracle that I am still alive! and that the Mafia seems to have backed off trying to kill me and is letting me operate without interference in any way. I may have finally convinced the Mafia of the fact that a Fair Deal can and should be made for the Betterment of America. Silicon Valley should take advantage of these facts and possibilities, and get to know me face to face before it is too late. I feel very safe now… but this safety may be fragile one. Who knows in this regard? I sure don’t. Allen D

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