For The Survival Of Freedom The Significant Internet Corporate Powers Need To Create A Think Tank To Wake Up The American Public

The coming Federal Agenda of Martial Law, an attempt to take away many basic American Freedoms (The Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Internet Freedom, Medical Freedom, etc.), and an attempt to achieve a 1984-like degree of Big Brother control over the American Public should be clear to all who are following the alternative news media on the Internet.It should also be clear to all those that are following the alternative news media on the Internet that Main Stream Media in America is fully controlled by the Corporations, the U.S. Federal Government, or both.

The Internet, as it still exists in August 2013, is essentially the last bastion of Free Speech and a Forum For the Truth that is left in America at the present time.

Most teenage and adult Americans access the Internet for one reason or another. However, the majority of persons that access the Internet are doing so for purposes other than informing themselves of what is really going on in America. Many persons use the Internet to listen to music, to watch YouTube videos, to play computer games, to use email, and to do other things besides following the Alternative News.

I do not know the actual statistics, but perhaps only a small fraction of Americans actually follow the Alternative News and the Truth on the Internet on a regular basis.

What this means is that perhaps only a small fraction of American Citizens actually know what is coming to America fairly soon in regard to a loss of American Freedom.

It is up to this small fraction of Aware People to Wake Up Their Fellow Americans before Martial Law is declared and Internet Freedom is lost.

Although more and more persons in America become Aware from week to week and month to month due to the Alternative News on the Internet, this growth in numbers is happening too slowly for the American Public to win against the coming Federal Agenda of taking our American Freedoms away.

“Something” clearly needs to be done! or else we are all going to lose our Freedom!

I suggest that this “Something” be that the Key Internet Powers in Silicon Valley and elsewhere begin to talk to each other irrespective of corporate boundaries.

A think tank consisting of members of all the Key Internet Powers should be set up, and done so with utmost haste.

Very simply put, the clock is ticking on American Freedom, and we are running out of time.

As an isolated WordPress Blogger in Florence Oregon, all that I can offer my country is Good Ideas.

The creation of a think tank whose members come from the ranks of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others is a Good Idea.

I sure hope that Silicon Valley hears me on this.


When push comes to shove, and Martial Law is declared, the deciding factor in whether the American Public retains its Freedoms or loses them altogether is going to be “How Many Americans Are Aware Of The Truth” In Regard To Our Corrupt Corporate, Mafia, and New World Order Agenda controlled Federal Government.

In war, a wise old saying is “Never underestimate your opponent”.

Do not underestimate what the Federal Government has in store for you and your children. A Totalitarian State is what these folks have in mind.

If I was the CEO of a Silicon Valley Internet Powerhouse, I would tell my entire management team>>> “Forget business as usual. We are at war, and our own Federal Government is the enemy. Our corporate actions, or a lack of them, may very well make the difference in regard to whether American Freedom is retained or it is lost. We are morally obligated to fight, using all of the Smarts that we have. We are going to meet for a half hour or a bit more on a daily basis until we come up with a workable plan to attempt to wake tens of millions of Americans up to the Truth of what is really going on in America. I want you all to start thinking about this both during and after work, and bring all of your thoughts and knowledge to the corporate roundtable with you. Consider this a Task of the Utmost Priority. Incidentally, there is an idea floating around on the Internet of an Internet Woodstock to wake millions of American People Up All At Once. Google Search “1st Internet Woodstock” with and without the quote marks and do some research. I want you all to take a look at this Internet Woodstock idea and tell me what you think. Our first meeting is tomorrow. Any questions?”

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team)


Notable Quotes

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.Isaac Asimov

WordPress Blogging to me, is simply thinking and then “communicating to both America and the world” via the incredible technological advance called a Free and Open Internet.Allen D

Our Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team is Going to Start the 1st Internet Woodstock called iROCK4FREEDOM! or we are going to die trying! That’s No Lie!AllenD and His Heroic San Francisco and Florida WordPress Collaborative Internet Team!

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.Tennessee Williams

I think before and during the time that I am writing.  When I think, I use this Incredible Organ called a Human Brain. Even if there are Aliens out there somewhere (or here already, as may very well be the case), there is Nothing Quite the Same as the Human Brain in the Universe. I know that many people say that “There is Not a God!”, but when I ponder all of the human brain’s and the human body’s complexities, I sure as heck know that there is Something Out There on a higher level than us!  When it was made the Earth was just some molten Star Material that got thrown off and eventually became this Round Ball we call the planet Earth.  Out of this molten rock thrown off from our sun when it was born “We have a human brain!” and “We have a human body” and “We have all the other trees, plants, animals, fishes, and mammals with a body and a brain 2!”. Who designed all this stuff? Who or what made this all happen? from “some cooled off molten rock that simply missed being made into our sun”? And who made all of the other Stars and Planets in the Universe? and all the Other Life out there too far away from us to see its mathematically certain existence? Who makes the Earth go around the sun, staying at just the right distance? In my mind, there is a God! There has to be! This God, God/Nature if you will, Made My Brain and my Body! and He or She told me to Use Them! And Use Them Wisely! And this God/Nature told me that “when I write” I should be Honest, as Honest as I can possibly be! I have no problems whatsoever being honest when I write, 4 I am a Creation of God/Nature just as you are don’t u see? If not, perhaps your Natural/Conscience will eventually let u know who you really are. It helps if “You Just Look at Yourself” in the mirror in the morning for a little while and Look Straight into Your Own Eyes.

God/Nature will talk 2 u! Just listen.  AllenD

The Fate of both America and the World may very well hinge on a Corporate Entity called Google… for this Influential Corporation is Perhaps the Only One in the World that has Both the Power and the Means to Actually Change Things in Timeassuming that they take the reins to do so in their hands and use these reins for the Betterment of All Humanity. AllenD

There is no doubt in my mind that Google, the Mafia, my WordPress Team, and some other Smart People working in Respectful Collaboration with Each Other represent “the Very Best Chance 2 Save both America and the World” that we have got. AllenD

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett

Old School Military Strategy says “Kill the Leaders First”.  The World of the Internet has Changed This!  I will give you one example here… me!  There are a lot of Very Smart and Quite Wealthy People in the Internet, Computer, and Computer Software Industry that are Following My Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Blogging on the Internet.  Many of these People Have Leadership Skills and Are Extremely Capable People.  All they need is perhaps a bit More Motivation In Which To Act En Masse Against the Powers that Be.  Whatever I know that “Will Hurt the Powers that Be” is Already On the Internet. Taking Me Out is Using Old School Military Strategy… and it is likely to Backfire because of All Those Wealthy And Very Smart People (Smarter than I) that Will Replace Me! The Internet Changed Many Thingsas Far As War Strategy Goes.  The Internet is far better than “Propaganda Leaflets Dropped From the Sky” as Far As Winning the Hearts and Minds of the People Goes.  The Internet is the Absolute Nuts! in this Regard. There is really no comparison here other than television, which is Corporate Controlled. AllenD

Words, once they are put on the Internet using WordPress, have the ability to go throughout America and around the World… at least until the “Ministry of Truth” United States Federal Government Censors take over a matter of months from now. AllenD

I am a drinker with writing problems. Brendan Behan

I am a writer that likes to Smoke a Natural/Green/Plant made by God/Nature! called pot…puff puff pass! I’d be quite pleased if ya do! lol AllenD

The Internet is a place where people can go and express their thoughts and opinions, and be heard all around the world. It is also a place where a Lot of Facts Can Be Found. This Free and Open Internet that Humanity has Invented promises an exponential growth in humanity’s knowledge, as one can be practically Anywhere in the World and All They Really Need Is A Smart Phone 2 Have Access to an Enormous Encyclopedia of Human Knowledge! (A tablet or a laptop connected to the Internet would admittedly be even better.)

Sadly, these Corporate and Government Powers Intend to take away from the American Public (and People Worldwide) Via Censorship the Greatest Technological Advance in Human History! as soon as they are Armed and Ready Enough in which to do so.

These Powers also intend to lock up or kill those persons that would use the Internet to tell the Truth against them. I should know, for I myself have been a Victim of this. One of the Powers that Be, the Mafia, has tried to kill me dozens of times since January 6th, 2010. They simply have not succeeded yet! The Federal Government wants me silenced or dead too. Go figure… how long do you think I’ve got?Allen D

If Internet Martyrdom is my Fate, so be it. I was morally obligated the entire time to WordPress blog what I did. I had no other choice but to serve my fellow human beings the world over, no matter what my personal fate.Allen D

Easy reading is damn hard writing.Nathaniel Hawthorne

Damn hard writing is a heck of a lot easier using an incredibly versatile and useful Blogging Platform called WordPress!Allen D


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