Allen D Is Strongly Considering Going Back East On His October SSD Check

According to Allen…

“I have a tough choice to make soon.  Should I find an apartment here in Eureka or somewhere out west… or should I just wrap this trip up and try to go back home?”

“I am leaning on just going home.”

“Hopefully I will make it back east without any trouble should I opt to go.” 

“Every day that I am still alive is a blessing.  I sure hope I have some solid WordPress Website Development time left.”

“Silicon Valley does not need me personally to show up there. It has heard my thoughts and ideas. Hopefully it will act on some of them, especially the one for a multi-location Internet Woodstock that mixes Speakers of Truth with Freedom Songwriters.

“Due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet I can be heard from virtually anywhere as long as I remain alive.”

Allen D (with help from some heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists)

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