A Miracle That Allen D May Sorely Need

According to Allen…

I am staying at the Eureka Rescue Mission until my next check.

I have given up both “my homeless guard” and my Toyota minivan.  I am both carless and friendless again.

I do intend to try to make it back east if my sister in Albany will house me again.  However, this is not a certainty… as she may say No. (Even if she says Yes, making it to Albany NY alive may be very difficult, and may even be impossible.)

A safe and supportive work environment is what I really need.

The persons that understand the above statement the most are those anonymous persons helping me in San Francisco and/or Silicon Valley.

It would be a Miracle if some person(s) showed up here in a car… and took me back with them to the Bay Area to “a safe place to work”.

I know I am asking for too much here… but I thought it worth a mention… because I am getting the sense that “without a Miracle of some sort my luck over these past 45 months may finally be running out”.

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team)

P.S. If no one can perform the Miracle I am asking for here it’s OK… for I understand that I am almost certainly asking for too much.

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