Allen D Is Returning To Albany NY In October

According to Allen…

“My sister Laurie sent me a nice message on Facebook in regard to my returning to live with her and her son in Albany NY.”

“When I get my October money I am going to retrieve my iMac from a Eureka pawnshop, and then catch a bus out of here.”

“I will probably take the bus to Reno, and then the train from there.”

“It’s time to go back home.”

“Hopefully I will make it home without any undue interference or difficulty at all.”
“There is no earthly reason that I should die or disappear in the next two weeks, other than if the Mafia decides to take action against me and end my life.”

If my friends (the ones I gave my Toyota minivan to) did sell me out to the Mafia and the contract is not lifted, things may be over for me on October 1st. This is because I will be getting a ride to the pawn shop to retrieve my iMac and then going to the Greyhound bus station with them.”

“I am not going to try to avoid this trap if it has been set for me.”

“Why am I not going to try to avoid this potential trap?”

“America is running out of time. If the Mafia wants me dead now, so be it. I am psychologically and otherwise prepared to be an Internet Martyr that helps Wake Up and/or Move To Action (1) the American Public, (2) the Patriot Movement, (3) my WordPress Collaborative Team and (4) the upper echelon of Silicon Valley if such was meant to be.”

“Whatever happens this October was meant happen… I have no fear in me at all.”

“If there ever is a Safe House for WordPress Activists established in the San Francisco area… I deeply hope to be a part of this. Figuratively speaking… I would move mountains to get to this place.”

“Until then… my going back to New York to live with my sister and her son and help out with her household bills in the winter months makes the most sense.”

Prepared by Allen D with much appreciated help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team 

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