Why I Think My Two Friends Sold Me Out To The Mafia And Who They Are


I have written well over three thousand blogs since the summer of 2006, when I first started blogging on an obsolete blogging platform called Yahoo 360. (I am now blogging using WordPress… because “WordPress is the best”.) I have also written perhaps over one thousand Yahoo Group posts prior to my blogging career.

This particular blog may be “my last one”.

There is a strong likelihood that the Mafia or their paid help will take me out in October 2013 before I have the chance to blog again.

In addition to the above, there is a strong likelihood that the Mafia will gain possession of my iMac computer soon. This computer is signed in to WordPress. What this means is that the Mafia may SOON have the means to erase from the Internet what is written here… as well as the means to erase many of my Key Blogs and Key Websites (mostly WordPress Websites).

This blog is a blog that is based on (1) some knowledge, (2) some suspicions, (3) some logic and deductive reasoning, and (4) some facts.

If some of the conclusions drawn in this blog are incorrect, I wish to apologize in advance to all parties concerned.

Why I Think My Two Friends Sold Me Out

A chain of events occurred after I left Coos Bay and headed to Eureka with four other persons in my Toyota minivan. This chain of events has led me to believe that my two friends named Joe and Dave may have sold me out.

The four persons traveling with me were Joe, Dave, Stacy and her four year old daughter Sandra. Our initial plan was to combine my SSD money of 1,600 a month with Stacy’s Social Security or welfare income of 400 a month… and get a place to live somewhere in Humboldt County California. Joe and Dave were both going to try to get a job of some sort to supplement this meager income.

Our first stop on the way down to Eureka was in Bandon Oregon. Joe had a friend in Bandon, and had left some clothes there. We were also going to score a little pot, and then be on our way.

Before we got to Joe’s friend’s house, Joe told us a few times… “My friend is a man you do not want to cross. He is the most dangerous man you will ever meet”.

Joe’s friend was friendly, accommodating, and quite charming. He was laid up with a broken leg from a fight he had gotten in. Joe’s friend was “muscle for hire”…. he called himself “an enforcer of karma”. He made much of his living from being such. Recently Joe’s friend, a very strong and physically intimidating man,had gotten into a fight with another man who, according to him, “really knew how to fight”. He broke this man’s jaw, and the man broke his leg. Out of respect for each other’s fighting prowess, they made peace at the end of the fight and both went to the hospital together.

On another front… Joe had actually got shot in the foot by a .380 caliber handgun only four months or so before right in this friend’s living room in Bandon OR by another man who is now doing three years in prison for this mistake. (He is likely going to limp from this wound for the rest of his life. His foot will never be right.)

Joe, Dave, and Joe’s friend have all been in prison one or more times in their lives. All are ex-convicts, but I do not know the details of all of this.

I thought nothing of all of the above, and did not feel threatened at all yet. I had been to church twice with Joe and Dave, and thought of them as Christian men. I trusted them.

Then after we left Bandon, at one point I got stoned and began blabbing thoughtlessly. I told Joe and Dave that the Mafia offered some homeless men staying at Mohm’s Place in Council Bluffs Iowa 4.7 million dollars to kill me. At this point, I strongly believe I ceased being a human being to these two men… for I had simply become “a large payoff for getting whacked if such could be arranged”.

Once we got to the Arcata/Eureka area we were nearly broke. We ended up camping out on National Forest Land for about three days, during which I had time to think about things. I decided that my best option was NOT to rent an apartment or house with my homeless friends, but TO GO BACK EAST and live with my sister Laurie Darman and her son in Albany NY.

However, I was concerned about the welfare of my friends, especially Stacy and her four year old daughter. So when I told them that I was going back east, I also told them that the best I could do for them was give them my minivan and 500 dollars when I got my next check. I also told them “I wanted to go to the shelter when we got back to Eureka, because the van was too crowded to sleep all of us, and camping legally near town without getting hassled by the police was impossible”. They all seemed happy with this arrangement, and we all agreed upon it.

Here is where things get really strange.

When we got to Eureka after camping in the mountains, I had to pawn my laptop for 150 dollars because no one had a dime and we were almost out of tobacco (all four of us are cigarette smokers).

After I bought some tobacco, and some needed food, I had 120 dollars left. This was all the money we had. I kept 20 dollars for myself, and gave Joe the 100 dollars that I had. This was so they would not run out of gas, as they only had a bit less than half a tank left.

Two days later I saw Joe and Dave again. They had already driven BACK TO BANDON Oregon, which is about 200 miles one way. And they had dumped Stacy and her daughter off in the parking lot of a grocery store there.

They claimed Stacy went nuts and started throwing stuff out of the car while they were going 70 miles an hour, and they had to get rid of her. When I asked them where Stacy went nuts Dave said Gold Beach Oregon.

Why were they in Gold Beach Oregon? which is almost to Bandon.

They must have left Eureka for Bandon Oregon the VERY SAME DAY (if not within hours) that I had gotten out of the minivan and handed them 100 dollars.

There WAS NO MENTION From ANY OF THEM EVEN CONSIDERING THIS COURSE OF ACTION of driving back to Bandon, A COURSE OF ACTION THAT WOULD LEAVE THEM BROKE and almost out of gas AGAIN… when I got dropped off at the Eureka Rescue Mission that afternoon.

Incidentally, Joe was in love with Stacy and “they were a couple”, and Dave had once been romantically interested in her as well. They both cared a lot for her and her four year old daughter Sandra. Now Stacy and her daughter are gone… and neither man expresses any interest in seeing her again.

None of this makes any sense.

Why would they all immediately head back up to Bandon Oregon on the last 100 dollars they had, knowing that this round trip was going to cost them nearly all of the money that I had just given them for gasoline?

Did they head back up to Bandon Oregon to talk to Joe’s friend? Did they do this to try to make a connection with the Mafia through Joe’s friend so that they could get paid for killing me? And did they have to dump Stacy because she was an alcoholic and untrustworthy or “would not go along with the plan to kill me for money”.

Here is another odd fact. My minivan had a trailer hitch. This has been removed. It is a steel ball with a steel handle… a heck of a weapon to knock someone out. Both it and a steel handled hatchet are now in close proximity to the front seat where both men sit. What are these men afraid of? Or are these two weapons simply conveniently placed for when they expect to pick me up on the first?

The above represents the majority of the facts of why I am now deeply suspicious of both Dave and Joe. There are a lot of other little things that add to my suspicions, but I do not have the time to write up all of them. (Joe did say a NUMBER OF THINGS that made no sense… but it would take too long to detail them.)

If I am wrong in my suspicions, I owe an apology to all those concerned.

If I am right, I want my WordPress Collaborative Team, Google, Facebook and whomever else is listening to me to know what happened here.

A Little Bit In Regard To The Mafia

Most persons in America have no clue as to how powerful the Mafia are.

If the Mafia wants you dead, you are going to die sooner or later (usually sooner).

It is nearly a Miracle that I have outlasted multiple Mafia attempts on my life for so long.

If my suspicions are right in regard to the above, I may be dead on October 1st by the hands of my friends… who are being paid by the Mafia to kill me.

I was taught by both my father Arthur Darman, who was 50 percent Sicilian, and by “my second father”, a man who was 100 percent Sicilian and a man I see no point in naming, a Good Deal about the Mafia and their methodology for getting people to do what they want them to do when I was a young man.

If an Organization can control any person that they so desire by bribery, intimidation, credible murderous threats against their loved ones (usually one’s children) or the persons themselves, or a combination thereof…this same Organization can control any Government it desires, to include the U.S Federal Government and numerous other federal governments around the world.

I was also taught by both my father and my second father… “You can’t beat the Mafia. They have a worldwide reach, and they are too strong.”

This is why I have proposed, and continue to propose, that the Patriot Movement, the American Taxpayer, and Silicon Valley ought to make a mutually beneficial deal with the Mafia rather than go up against them.

Paying the Mafia off handsomely (but within reason, which is why I mentioned in other blogs a 100 billion dollar number annually… a number that is “upward negotiable”, of course) for “Switching Sides” makes far more sense to me than trying to fight them.

However, if the Mafia kills me or any member of my WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team (or hires Anyone Else To Do So)… and… They will “Not Switch Sides” (Switch from Backing Many Corrupt Corporations and Politicians to Backing the People)… then Identifying Them and Fighting them is EXACTLY WHAT MUST BE DONE for the Patriot Movement to Regain Freedom in America.

The Patriot Movement represents “A Blind Revolutionary Movement” if it does not address the Existence and the Enormous Power of the Mafia.

Negotiation is the best way out… at least that is my humble opinion… and one that I will continue to hold unless they kill me… or kill ANY member of my heroic WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT Website Development Team.

Some More Details In Regard To Joe And Dave In Case I End Up Dead In Early October And The Law Or The FBI Wants To Identify Them For Prosecution

Dave is about 51 years old, and about six feet tall or a bit more. Brown hair, grey eyes, a goatee, and has some tatoos. He stayed at the South Coast Gospel Mission and once was temporarily thrown out for swearing too much. They have to have a copy of his ID. Dave has lived other places, but Coos Bay Oregon has been his home for most of his life. He has had a problem with methamphetamine addiction in his life, but he is off methamphetamine now.

Joe is younger… in his late thirties. Brown hair, brown eyes, some tatoos as well. He is my height or shorter… I am 5’8″. His ex-wife lives in Coos Bay, and works at the Red Roof Inn as a housekeeper. Joe had either two or three children by her, all daughters. Joe was shot in the foot in Bandon Oregon this year, and limps from this. I am not quite sure if Joe spent time staying at the South Coast Gospel Mission in Coos Bay, but if he did they have a record of this.

Stacy and her daughter Sandra did stay at the South Coast Gospel Mission, and they have a record of this. Stacy should know Joe’s last name, as she was going with him. She might also know Dave’s last name, as Dave was sweet on her at one time, and they have known each other for many years.

Joe and Dave are driving the 1993 Toyota minivan I quite literally gave to them gratis (on account of not wanting to leave Stacy and her young daughter on the street homeless). This minivan is sky blue, has about 213K miles on it, and has a few minor dents in the side from when I bought it. The plate on it now is an Oregon one… TRR 962.

None of the above descriptions matters if I make it out of Eureka California on the first or the second.

The above is likely to matter a great deal if I do not.



It is Up To The Mafia.

Perhaps The Proof of Where The Mafia Stands Will Lie In Whether I Am Allowed To Make It Out Of Eureka California Alive in a matter of days… and Whether I Make It Back To Albany NY Unscathed by bus and Amtrak Train in October or not.

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Website Development Team)

This blog was initially written and published via a Kyocera Rise Smart Phone on September 28, 2013 on the Internet Management Website of 420mgmtReportsSmoke.com

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