Allen D Will Be In Reno The Night Of The First For A Few Days

According to Allen D…

“I will arrive in Reno by Greyhound bus at 9:45 pm on Tuesday, October 1st.”

Addressed to the Mafia…

I am available “at your convenience from here on out to talk”. 

“I would like to be your Paid Part-time Consultant on an Ongoing Basis for peanuts (say 75K annually) compared to what I can generate for you… while Greatly Helping America and the World at the same time!”

“The Above Offer is also The Same Offer I Am Making To Google too” (as per these written words).

Facebook gets a discount… or can ride free.

Incidentally, it would be extremely wise for the management of Google and Facebook to consider sending someone in Upper Management to Reno on the 2nd in case the Mafia wants to have a chat with us all. Doing such “Would Show Respect”.

Even if the Mafia Opts Not To Talk Quite Yet (perhaps waiting to talk with me in NY first) and is a No Show… You (Google and Facebook) would Gain Much Needed Points… for the Mafia Would SEE Your Intent and Willingness to Sit Down at the Table and Begin to Negotiate (by whether you showed up on the afternoon of the 2nd or not).

Regardless, You would get all the face to face time on the 2nd and the 3rd that you wanted or I could give 2 U if you wanted to hang out with me. (This same goes for any member of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.)


Allen D with much appreciated help from his Heroic Internet Collaborative Supporters

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