Just Made My Connection Bus To Reno

I made it in the nick of time.

Now I can Relax!

I don’t have any more bus connections to make… so it does not matter if this bus runs late!

I haven’t even gotten my ticket for the train yet.

The train is either booked or not running tomorrow… I think the 3rd is the earliest I can get out of Reno.

I am in no hurry. What difference does a day or two or even three spent in Reno make? I look at this time “as a little vacation from trying to help the homeless”.

Incidentally, I am somewhat familiar with Reno. It is an easy town to deal with if you are traveling as I am, for the Amtrak Train station is right in the middle of downtown… and the bus station is not far off.

The rent for 2 nights in a hotel or motel mid-week should be pretty cheap.

I am not full of any unrealistic expectations for tomorrow. If anyone from the Mafia, Google, Facebook, WordPress or my team shows up to chat with me in Reno tomorrow… that’s fine by me!

If no one shows, that’s fine by me too!

What a difference it is to live Without Fear!!!

For the LAST 45 MONTHS I was “under the gun” from the Mafia having an Open Contract on my life… and trying to kill me with poison or “a fast grab” over and over and over and over again.

(The Truth… The Mafia tried to kill me roughly 35 individual times in roughly eleven “killing episodes” since the first one on January 6, 2010. However, the “individual times number” could be even greater than this. Some nights the Mafia used poison gas on my repeatedly… so much so I did not bother to count. It is my understanding that my heroic WordPress Website Development Team Members in San Francisco went through dozens of poison gas attacks since about December 10th – 12th of 2012. If these poison gas attacks on my anonymous heroic WordPress helpers involved “repeated gas hit attempts”… their individual hit attempt count could actually be much greater than mine. These Anonymous San Francisco folks are True American Heroes, and So Is The Only Other WordPress Collaborative Website Development Team Member that I know by name… Mark J of Covered Web Services.)

The Mafia may still have an Open Contract on my life… but I don’t care anymore… for if they bury me, my Internet Martyrdom in front of so many Smart Internet Witnesses will most assuredly “bury them back”.

And the Same Goes for the Feds!

Two Birds Inevitably Die with One Stone should I die on my way back to Albany!

I owe So Much To So Many for finally getting to the place where my life will make a real difference!!!… No Matter What Happens To Me!

(((Hugs to all my Dearest Internet and WordPress Friends)))

Allen Darman

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