A Wealthy Black Man From Chicago Has Come To Guard Allen D (10-4-2013)

I Expect This Historic Blog To 1st Post 2 MY FACEBOOK WALL from LINCOLN NB @ About 5:00 AM on October 5th 2013. A Great Patriot blogger named Chad Miller lives in Lincoln NB.

Chad sometimes posts his blogs on Dean Garrison’s dcclothesline.WordPress.com GREAT PATRIOT WEBSITE

This Represents Blog One of ***A Magnificent Seven Blog Set*** written between Denver and Chicago while riding on an Amtrak Train on 10/4 and10/5 of 2013 after I got stoned in Denver.

I have just been thrown a real curve ball while on the Train from Denver to Chicago.

I do not know quite yet to do yet.

I (think?) I will be getting off the train in Chicago With A Black Man named Steve…

Steve claims he has an extraordinary amount of men IN CHICAGO BACKING HIM UP…


Did I hear that right???  (Or maybe I forgot… but it was a real big number for sure.)

I also made *Real Good Friends* with Tanya, the Black Woman From Chicago who works full time on this train as “the cashier in the snack room downstairs”.

Tanya lives in Chicago when she is “not working for Amtrak”.

I may end up being a Railroad President (going Coast to Coast acting as a laison “between all parties concerned” …and one that spends his time off in Chicago”.


I almost forgot…

Steve is from the illuminati… or so he tells me.

This illuminati label is ***Puzzling to me***

I guess I will find out soon what this means.

Soon is tonight when I arrive in Chicago.

Allen D and his hippie revolutionary gang…

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