Allen D Lost His Prescription Eyeglasses After Getting Stoned In Denver (10-5-2013)

Blog #6…of a ***Magnificent Seven WordPress Blog Set***

According to Allen D…

I get stupid and forgetful when I get Stoned sometimes.

Luckily, I do not need my glasses to blog with at all…

However, I sure hope “they turn up” before we get to Chicago!… lol.

The next Stop is Omaha… where I jumped off the train last year!!!

I Love Omaha NB!!! Despite the Fact that the Mafia almost killed me there at least two, and maybe three, times last summer!

Incidentally, the Mafia also tried to kill me at least a half a dozen times in Council Bluffs IA last summer… which is Right Across the Missouri River from Omaha NB. They also Intentionally Hit My Two Council Bluffs Native American Friends (Chief and Tyrone) with a car and ran from the scene of the Accident, and they eventually leaned on my Good Friend Chief and Pressured Him To KILL ME.

The Mafia did get deadly poison into me once in both Omaha and Council Bluffs. They also got poison in me once in Des Moines IA… when I was Staying At Their New $14.5 Million Dollar Homeless Shelter there.

Thankfully, in all three instances I did not take in enough poison to kill me.

(The Above is Less Than Half the Story of My Omaha/Council Bluffs/Des Moines Mafia Hit Attempt Story… but. ***I do not have Time 4 the Rest***

Omaha is One Of The Most Beautiful Cities in the U.S…. especially the Old Market area and the Missouri River area!

Omaha happens 2 have some Great Rescue Missions and bike trails there!

Allen D and his 420Hippie Band Of heroic WordPress Internet PATRIOT Revolutionaries…

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