Allen D Misunderstood Steve’s Illuminati Instructions (10-5-2013)

According to Allen D…

I thought that the Illuminati were picking me up at Union Station in Chicago.

I was mistaken.

According to Steve’s Instructions, I am “essentially being ordered” to make my normal connecting train headed towards Albany.

On this train will be “Steve’s Replacement”. Steve’s Replacement is another and presumedly very well paid Illuminati bodyguard.

This man’s purpose, according to Steve, is to Prevent the Mafia or Anyone Else from murdering me.

This new bodyguard will sit in the coach seat right next to me, just like Steve did.

I am really looking forward to meeting this new man, and talking to him honestly and at some length.

I liked Steve a lot, and he wisely counseled me on a number of fronts. I felt very comfortable with Steve, and I trusted him.

I am simply going to Trust In God and My Own Good Judgement… and “Go with the flow of things”.

“I Have No Fear In Me At All.”

I feel that God is both Protecting Me and Carrying Me Now.

On another note, I really like some of the >WordPress Internet Educational Course< *Blog Organizing Ideas* that I finally came up with after some trial and error today.

Allen D and his heroic 420 Hippie Band Of WordPress Warriors For The Truth

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