My Third New Black Friend On This Train Nicknamed Me *ADOG* (10-5-2013)

T came up with ADOG because AD is my Initials!

T also liked my Twelve Disciple Idea And That AT LEAST 7 SHOULD BE WOMEN.

He also liked My Idea of Having 15 Slices or so of “Monetary Reward Pie”… One Slice allocated for each Disciple… Two for me… and One Or Two Slices that are assigned at my discretion. (One of these will probably to my son Willy Darman – Google him!).

I Am Dearly Hoping To Reside Someday with Tanya and the Black Woman Of Her Choice!

We May Have a Core Management Team of Four Sitting around a small Roundtable in the foreseeable future!

A Core Management Team Of Four Flies Management-wise…

A Core Management Team of Three Might Work Out Great 2!!!

ADOG and his 420 Hippie Patriot Movement Internet Revolutionaries!

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