The American Mafia, the Blacks In Chicago And Allen D WILL BE MEETING IN CHICAGO WITHIN A WEEK OF MY ARRIVAL (I Think)

I feel very comfortable with both Tanya and Steve… my Two New Black Friends!!!

And I feel AND AM being Helped SO MUCH By Tanya and Steve…. it’s Not Funny.

My Heart Is In Chicago NOW!!! (And In DENVER Too!!!).

And on riding the rails with Tanya sometimes…

And Blogging My Ass Off In Chicago sometimes too…

Expect to “go to work soon u2”

For my iMac lights up the day I hit Chicago…

But I really need to talk to the Mafia too.

These Traditional Enemies of the Mafia and the Blacks are soon going to have MUCH BETTER RELATIONS BETWEEN EACH OTHER… even if “it is too Soon To Realize this Yet”.<<<

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