Historically Most Big Stock Market Crashes Occur In The Month Of October (10-5-2013)

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If I had a great deal of money in the stock market, I would certainly consider pulling most or all of it out in early to mid September, and not reinvesting it until early January or so… depending on “how things are going”.

As fragile as both the American Economy and many European Economies are… Virtually ANY Investment in the Stock Market is “a Gamble with Quite a Bit of Risk Attached”.

I have been wrong on Stock Market Movement and Market Timing often in the past… and I admit I may be wrong again.

However, I think I am right on one thing…

The Stock Market is Not the Place to Be in October and perhaps November and December too. 

Part of the reason I feel this way is many people become a bit more depressed as the summer ends, sunshine wanes, and the winter months begin. 

This has an effect on some people’s market decisions, whether they are aware of such or not.

Lastly, sales this Christmas may be down compared to past years.  Mandated health care costs (which dry up available consumer funds) and loss of consumer confidence may be only some of the reasons underlying this.

Allen D

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