Throwing Two Stones To Kill One FEDGovBird! (10-11-2013)

Stone One>>>

A Patriot Movement

Internet Educational Course

And Stone TWO>>>



For THIS JULY 2014!


A SOLO SHOT Across The BOW 4 A WARNING TO ALL!>>>The “Complex Battle Blog” on the WordPressManagementByAllenD  WordPress Website<<< 1/1

Terrible 2′s Blog Set 2/2

This is WordPress Blog #2 of  2!

Read This Song Blog & You Are Done! With the


Terrible 2′s

 Blog Set!


Terrible 2′s

WordPress Blog Set is the Double Barreled (1) Internet POWER and (2) Laser Printer POWER that>>>

(3) Buried the Feds! with the Truth!

>>It’s only a Matter of Ten MORE Months or so! until the 1st Internet Woodstock

IS HELD JOINTLY BY the American Mafia, GOOGLE, APPLE, Facebook, My heroic 420 hippie Internet


Revolutionary WordPress Website Development

Patriot Movement Team,

TWITTER,WordPress Corporate, Samsung Corporate, Motorola Corporate, Brother Laser Printer Corporate, HP Corporate, Microsoft, etc., etc. IS going to BE JOINTLY PUT ON>>>

>>>IN Cities All Over America and the World THIS UPCOMING JULY OF 2014!!!

No More Blog Sets than THE

TERRIBLE 2′s Blog Set

Should BE NECESSARY  In Order 2 Topple Our Corrupt Federal Government with the Truth!

Yet, We Have Sixteen More! (Blog Sets)

We sure are sure going to have a FED ROAST @ Multiple Simultaneous-Location EVENTS!

These Simultaneous Multi-cast Events are iWOODSTOCK’s held all over the World! Beginning ON FRIDAY, the 4TH of JULY 2014!


2 thoughts on “Throwing Two Stones To Kill One FEDGovBird! (10-11-2013)

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