Allen D Is Beginning To Recognize And Utilize The Power Of Twitter Of Late (10-23-2013)

According to Allen D>

“I knew that Twitter was going to become key to the success of my Internet efforts sooner or later.”

I ignored Twitter for the most part for years, despite knowing that it was a key part of the equation. 

My thinking here was “I did not want those that were trying to kill me to have any more motivation to do so. If I used Twitter a lot, such might be the case.”  So I left Twitter alone for the most part, spending little time learning about or using it.

The time has come for me to learn and utilize Twitter as best as I possibly can. 

69 more people followed my nutrientscure Twitter account on 10/20/2013 alone.

I am sending Tweets to all kinds of people…  People in the media, people in the political arena, alternative news sources, financial newspapers, venture capitalists, start up specialists, etc.

I love the ease of use of Twitter, and I realize its Power.

More copy later from my iMac at some point.

Allen D (with help from Mark J and my other heroic WordPress Partners and Friends)  

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