WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-22> Allen D aka ADOGG Is Going 2 Write The First Draft Of A Critical New Blog Today


According to Allen D aka ADogg—>

I got about six hours sleep in a church winter shelter last night (tonight I will be returning to the MSC South Shelter).

I am well fed this morning, having eaten both breakfast and lunch already.

I did not get lucky and get 420 high this morning on the street somewhere.

However, I feel pretty damn good, and I have a lot to say in the 4 hours and 20 minutes I have left in the library today.

I am going to draft a critical new iWoodstock Blog today! assuming that U.S. Government or Mafia (or Illuminati) hackers don’t shut me down.

The last bit of news this morning is that my Smart Phone is still “hacker deadened”.

This material was prepared by Allen D with critical help from a WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 



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