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According to Allen D—>

I cannot believe how much better I feel than I did yesterday. I must have had some kind of 24 hour bug.

I still have something. Almost since I got here I have been making a lot of mucous, and some of this mucous is reaching my lungs.

I am chronically blowing my nose and coughing up phlegm.

However, I have no chills, and the weakness I had all day yesterday is gone.

It helped to sleep most of yesterday.

I did get in line this morning for a bed assignment at MSC South tonight.

My biggest worry WordPress work-wise are the weak wheels on my big black suitcase. They are both crumbling slowly, but thankfully neither has completely failed yet.

Amazingly, my smart phone worked this morning! I hope it will remain working so I can call up my sons and family on Christmas day.

Since May of 2010, it sure seems that hackers can shut down any Android smart phone that I may be using at any time.

I will not even try to tell America and the World all of the trouble with Smart Phones and computers that I have had for years now (since June 2006, when I first put my son Willy’s Original ADHD/Bipolar Natural Recovery Story on the Internet).

To try to tell the story of how often I have been hacked using Computers and Smart Phones in any detail, I would quite literally have to “write a book”. Unfortunately, I never kept a diary of the many 100’s (if not thousands) of hacking events that I have been through since June 2006. Even if I did keep a diary of such, it would not matter, for I have far more important things to write about than this.

more coming


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