Allen D Spent Christmas Day With Mel And Two Of His Chess Friends

Any and All Key Communication to me via any Smart Phone or other phone that I may possess *and* any email account that I may have is being hacker monitored, censored and blocked by either the Mafia or the Federal Government. I am 100% certain of this.

This Communication Censorship Problem makes My Ability to raise Venture Capital and/or Angelic Philanthropic Funding by my sole efforts nearly impossible, for any friendly Communication from Serious Potential Funders that is sent to me is—>

Communication that I WILL NEVER RECEIVE.

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According to Allen D—>

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.59 PM #2

The San Francisco Bay Area is going to be My Last Stand.

There is no more running from the American Mafia or the U.S. Government for me any more.  Either I Will Succeed in Being a Key Catalyst for the 1st Internet Woodstock Concert Happening while living in this area, or I will heroically accept Internet Martyrdom for Google, Facebook, WordPress, Silicon Valley in general, my Fellow American Citizens, and the World as well (in my efforts here in 2014 to make an INTERNET Woodstock CONCERT EVENT a Reality).

I love this Andy Cherry Song “Nothing to Fear”->

For I have Nothing to Fear Any More due to the Fact I am Obeying my Conscience-> “the little piece of God in me”-> and I have made it far enough to make a Big Difference whether the American Mafia or the U.S. Government kills me or…

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