In The First Four Years Of A New e-Government Of America Perhaps 20 To 30 Million Productive Good TAXPAYING Jobs Will Be Created In The United States (10-3-2013)

These are not “just paper pushing jobs either”.

Stan Meyers WATER POWERED Car will become a Reality, and will be built in the U.S.

Rory Johnson’s Magnatron Motor will spring back to life, and will be built in the United States as well.

Various versions of high mileage carburetors will be manufactured in the U.S.

Andrea Rossi’s LENR Cold Fusion Home Heating Device will be “fast track tested for safety”, and millions will be built in the U.S.

The Free Electricity Devices that Adam Trombly and Gary Vesperman know about will be built and installed in the United States.

Many Hundreds of Thousands of Nurses will be trained as “Educators and Practitioners of Alternative Medicine”.

Some doctors will be trained to do the same as the above.

Many of the homeless will be put to work… work matched to their skills and capabilities.

If the homeless are not able to work full-time, part time work will be looked at for this population as well.

There will be “No More Corporate Slavery” working for minimum wage… as fast as this Key Social Issue can be resolved.

Failing Infrastructure in America will be addressed in a wise and well planned fashion.

Trees, fruits and vegetables will be wisely planted where appropriate nationwide.

A Youth Core will be established and put to meaningful work.  As much as possible this work will leave the young worker with a lifetime marketable job skill or skills.

This list goes on and on… but I am sure I got my point across with the list of examples above.

Where will all the Money Come For The Above Job Creation? 

Isn’t the United States already far too indebted already?

Well, at least some of the Money will come via Wise Use of the American Mafia “if they will play ball with us”.  The American Mafia could do a Great Job of Stripping the Wealthy of their Ill Gotten Gains… whenever it was Appropriate and Just To Do So.

Some of the Money would also come from Appealing ObamaCare.  The Fraud of Drug Oriented Medicine has sucked America’s Wealth Dry Long Enough!

Some of the Money would come from Greatly Reducing Our Military Budget, without Compromising Our National Security AT ALL.

And Some of the Money would come from reducing ALL OF THE WASTE Of All Different Sorts THAT IS CURRENTLY IN THE BLOATED FEDERAL BUDGET NOW.

Allen D (with deeply appreciated help from Google, Facebook, and His Heroic WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT Website Development Team)… and Hopefully the American Mafia that “Wisely Switched Sides And Helped Us” too!


Notable Quotes

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You… Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John, You are Damn Right! Allen D


This Blog was Originally Published on the WordPress Website Development Team Internet Management Website of

This Blog was Written, Upgraded and Edited In The Reno NV Amtrak Station Using An $80 Kyocera Rise Smart Phone while I was waiting for my train.

This Blog will be further Upgraded in Albany NY sometime in November 2013 using a $750 refurbished 21″ iMac.  If it is not, it was probably the U.S. Government that used the NDAA against me on my way home.  Suspect #2 is the Illuminati. Suspect #3 in this regard is the American Mafia headquartered in NYC… but they are “far down on the list probability-wise” I think. (I admit I could be wrong here…  if I go down the Patriot Movement should “Hang All Three of Them, and let God sort things out”.) 

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