The Silicon Valley 8 Think Tank Should Be Meeting Weekly Or Bi-Weekly (3-7-2014)

Our Federal Government, which has really “already fallen to the Truth on the Internet”—>

Wants to Remain In Power BY FURTHER SUPPRESSION of Truth—>

AND BY—> DHS, FBI, ATF, CIA, NSA, National Guard, FEMA Youth Corps, Army, Navy, Marine, Police, Mercenary, SWAT Team, and Martial Law FORCE.

Well, due to what my team and I did SINCE APRIL 2012, Google and Silicon Valley has become AWAKE 2 the TRUTH ON A NUMBER OF KEY TOPICS.

It is clear to us Smart Folks that The OLD SYSTEMS of Doing Many Things In America Are Broken, They Need to Be Dismantled and Replaced.

Who is Best to Handle this Change of Course for America and the Entire Human Race?

In my mind, the Answer to this Question is a No Brainer.

It’s Silicon Valley, of course.

A Silicon Valley 8 Think Tank Should Be Meeting On A WEEKLY Basis.


The Silicon Valley 8 Think Tank Should Be Meeting Weekly Or Bi-Weekly (3-7-2014)

I am struggling writing this VERY Important, if Not Critical, Piece.

It is not at all done.

Please bear with me. It’s my bedtime soon. I am going to use the copy below “as a Starting Point” after I get up. Allen D


A Few Positive Thoughts 2 Start This Blog Off…

We Can Win This Fight If We Are Smart!

We’ve Got the Federal Government by the Balls, Truth-wise.

We Need To Collectively Act Out Of Courage And Use Our SMARTS!

Don’t Remain In Denial or In Fear.

Such Negative Emotions have No Place Here.

This is a WAR that HAS TO BE FOUGHT —>

For The Sake of…

1) The Health And Freedom of Our Children,

2) The Economic Future Of America, and—>

3) The Survival of Humanity and the Planet As We Know…

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